Welcome to Chatham Animal Hospital
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Diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.
Medications are available through our on line ordering with home delivery or pick up at our hospitals.
Drs. Krakowski and Munn have extensive surgical experience with expertise in many different surgical areas. *
Laser Surgery: 
Dr. Krakowski has provided the use of laser as an option to reduce the pain and bleeding associated with surgical procedures since 2001.
Complete dental prophylaxis and, when needed, extractions.
In-house radiography
Patients requiring a radiologist's expertise are seen at our hospital by a traveling Specialist in radiology.
Video Otoscopy: 
Diagnosis and treatment of ear disease with the assistance of a videoscope for enhanced access and visualization of the ear canals.
We offer boarding for cats and dogs throughout the year and during all holidays.
Let us send you home with a pet that is clean fresh.
Our Groomer is at the Chatham location four days per week. And at West Cary location once a month by appointment.

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